Connected Car partners with Jaguar Land Rover for Developer Challenge

JLR Dev Challenge

It is a sign of the times when a car company is staging events for software developers, but that is just what Jaguar Land Rover did recently.

Via partnerships with leading Tier 1 suppliers, and building its own, substantial developer and R&D resource, JLR seems to have set out to establish a leading position for itself in the field of connected car technology, including infotainment, Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving. However, JLR is clearly aware that some of the most innovative developments come not from major companies, but from small, agile start-ups that aren’t constrained in their thinking. So, for the second year, JLR organised its own developer event, and this took place at the National Motor Museum in Coventry.

Now, Connected Car magazine has already established a good working relationship with JLR, but we were nonetheless very pleased to be invited to partner with JLR for this event. We were to be a media sponsor, to create and publish a movie and Connected Car editor Vince Holton was to be one of the judges for the event.