Issue 6: Navigation Special

TomTom - services

During a recent interview with Dr. Peter Steiner, Head of Audi Electronics Venture and Marcus Keith, ‎Director Development Operating Systems Audi Connect, we had it confirmed for us that the world of automotive navigation technology could become a hotbed of competing companies – the car companies, Internet companies, smartphone and mobile device companies.

At stake is not ‘who makes the best navigation system’, but the commercial value of data generated by cars and car drivers as they make their way around the world. Navigation, navigation systems, maps, sensors and cameras will capture data that then provides an – impossible to value -understanding of car drivers habits, the routes they take, their preferences. All of which is massaged, delivered to and used by real time, cloud-based services. These services can then deliver location-based offerings to the driver, again in real time.

Who woke up to the need to own this data first? Who will succeed in winning control? Will it be the car companies? Or will it be Apple, Google or Amazon? We decided to talk to some of the key players in order to gain a better understanding.