UK Government backs tangential autonomous driving project

Self-driving cars are, so say many in the industry, a lot closer to reality than we may think, and they could help one sector of the population that may not have been an initial target for the automotive companies.

A UK Government-backed organisation called FLOURISH contacted Connected Car to tell us the story. FLOURISH believes that the introduction of self-driving cars could have a major impact on how older adults go about their daily lives. It is hoped these cars will help reduce the social isolation and loneliness we often experience as we get older.

Additionally, says FLOURISH, this technology has the potential to enable a greater level of independence for disabled people, both those with visible disabilities (such as mobility, visual, or hearing impairments) and those with non-visible disabilities (such as mental, learning, or memory impairments).

Connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) could perform many of the functions of today’s human drivers. This might be difficult to imagine, however, the necessary connectivity and driver-assistance tech is already common in cars.