Bosch gets the world’s first curved cockpit display on the road

Bosch has announced the launch of what is claims is the world’s first curved digital instrument cluster in the cockpit of a mass-production vehicle. The Bosch technology will first appear in the Innovision Cockpit of the new VW Touareg. This offers a configurable, high-resolution curved display behind the steering wheel, instead of a flat, analogue instrument display. The screen can show large-area navigation maps, driver information or the status of the assistance systems at the driver’s command.

Behind the sharpness and contrast of the new displays lies a new manufacturing process: optical bonding. Using this process, Bosch says that it has reduced the amount of light reflected by the instrument cluster by more than four times, even in direct sunlight, greatly increasing driver safety.

Bosch’s digital curved display is a new kind of instrument cluster. Its shape mimics the natural curvature of the human eye, meaning the instrument display bends around the driver’s field of vision and will appear in focus from any angle. This will allow the driver to better detect indicator lights and warning signals at the edge of the screen.

Bosch believes that the display offers automotive manufacturers greater freedom and space in the design of the cockpit. Manufacturers increasingly want to avoid mechanical switches, knobs, and controls, with large-sized monitors a very popular replacement. By including a large number of digital displays beneath the surface of the curved instrument cluster, Bosch aims to provide a large screen which takes up almost two centimeters less space than a non-curved screen of comparable size.