Heading down the road to autonomy with Audi

Here at Connected Car Towers, in addition to sitting at keyboards typing words of wisdom, we spend a lot of time making video content. It’s a great way of sharing information and experiences with our audience. Getting everything we want to say into a watchable movie is always a challenge. As cars become more and more complicated, that challenge gets greater and greater. We recently faced our biggest challenge yet.

How so?

Well, in April 2016 we interviewed Peter Steiner of Audi Electronics Venture and Marcus Keith, Audi’s director of development for operating systems and Audi Connect. They were talking us through Audi’s vision for the connected car, and as part of this project we also reviewed Audi Connect and Audi Virtual Cockpit in an A4. The two Audi execs told us that if we wanted to see what Audi was really capable of, we needed to wait for the new A8.

That took a while, but we’ve now spent time with the A8 and, using the medium of video, can now share our thoughts with you.

Go to our video review section to watch this latest movie or follow this link.