HERE offers its location services for Microsoft Azure customers in self-hosted environments

HERE, the location data and technology platform, has announced that Microsoft Azure customers have access to HERE Location Services within their self-hosted Azure environments. Developers rely on the accuracy and scale of HERE Location Services to incorporate core location-oriented components into the enterprise-grade applications they build and manage.

HERE claims that its Location Services such as Routing, Geocoding, and Map Tiles APIs offer developers the tools they need to innovate while ensuring high performance for an application’s most critical processes. HERE suggested that:

For fleet management and emergency services:

  • It supports safe and efficient routing solutions for multiple vehicle types
  • Provides the most efficient routing options based on real-time traffic conditions

For seamless mobility:

  • Provides routing options for pedestrians and public transportation
  • Helps cities run more smoothly with improved traffic flow and transportation network usage

For business intelligence:

  • Provides understanding of trends and behavior of citizens in relation to their location and mobility patterns
  • Understands shifting market dynamics to inform real-estate investments
  • Helps with verification of insurance claims and authentication of transactions

HERE explained that its Location Services are available to Azure customers who want to manage and deliver highly available location-based services. The self-hosted architecture is claimed to ensure maximum availability and resiliency for Azure customers running critical business applications that rely on “always-on” location services.

“Location anchors our connected world and HERE Location Services enable industries to solve complex challenges while delivering valuable new products and experiences,” said Mithun Dhar, General Manager, Developer Relations at HERE Technologies. “Demands on business require flexibility in software architecture, and HERE is proud to offer robust and high-quality location services to customers operating across public cloud, self-hosted or hybrid environments.”

 The HERE Location Services available for self-hosting in Azure Virtual Machine environments are:

  • Routing – provides access to and use of global, real-time and historical traffic information.
  • Forward Geocoder and Reverse Geocoder – provides comprehensive coverage in 196 countries and several territories with a high-precision mapping of geo-coordinates or addresses.
  • Map Tiles – shows fresh day-time map tiles in multiple styles (e.g. base, aerial) including rendered live-traffic tiles for flow overlay.

 HERE Location Services are also available as Serverless Functions on the Azure Marketplace.