Jaguar Land Rover deploys mobile data services with Ubigi in 6 new European countries

Transatel has successfully delivered mobile data plan services into the UK, Germany and Italy for Jaguar Land Rover. This personal SIM card and deployment programme launched in May of this year. During Wave 2, Jaguar and Land Rover dealers in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France will begin providing Ubigi SIM cards to the owners of the latest vehicle models. The SIM cards provide mobile data connection to enable on-board Wi-Fi and infotainment services.

Jaguar Land Rover offers customers a 3-year prefunded data bundle with the latest vehicle models, which includes the option for the customer to purchase additional data top-up packages if desired.

Ubigi, which is a Transatel brand, provides the connectivity, manages customer and retailer relations and support, and enables the payment processes for purchasing data bundles. A combined team of JLR and BearingPoint UK staff have been managing the internal feature launch and necessary integration of the programme over the last 18 months.

End users can manage their Ubigi account via an app, accessible via any device. This enables account management, user registration and payment, among other features.

Transatel, which was recently acquired by NTT Communications of NTT Group (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), is the technical enabler behind Ubigi’s customer-facing service. The service was launched with Jaguar and Land Rover models in June 2018 by a team from Transatel, Jaguar Land Rover and BearingPoint UK, and was showcased at the Paris Motor Show in October 2018.