NEVS and AutoX to collaborate on large scale RoboTaxi deployment in Europe

Swedish EV manufacturer NEVS and the Autonomous Vehicle start-up AutoX have entered into a partnership to integrate AutoX ́s Autonomous Drive technology in NEVS’ next-generation vehicle architecture. The partnership is aiming to deploy the first large scale RoboTaxi pilots in Europe by the end of 2020, demonstrating and evaluating technology and design. The vehicle is currently being developed by NEVS in Trollhättan, Sweden, inspired by the “InMotion” concept that was shown at the CES Asia, in 2017.

Jianxiong Xiao (a.k.a. Professor X), founder and CEO of AutoX told Connected Car, “AutoX enables companies like NEVS to become autonomous by creating an A.I. driver which is tailored to the specific geolocation it is in; adopting local driving styles, while also navigating in urban and dynamic conditions. We are proud to start deploying our technology together with a global OEM that really takes the mobility revolution seriously.” He referred to the vehicle design that he says not only provides zero emissions, but also promotes an enormous increase in utilization rates (24/7 mobility services), hence reducing the number of vehicles in the street for a given mobility need. “The holistic sustainability approach, addressing air pollution, climate change, congestion and also improved accessibility for the global population is what characterizes NEVS vision”, Jianxiong Xiao added.

 “Already at our first meeting in Silicon Valley, we were not only impressed by the performance and maturity of AutoX’s AD stack, but also saw a perfect partner in terms of approaching the market and shared corporate values,” said Stefan Tilk, CEO of NEVS, adding, “AutoX’s vision to empower the world with AI drivers enabling universal access to transportation of people and goods, safely and efficiently, makes them go truly hand in hand with our view on the future we want to create.”

For AutoX, the partnership follows an important milestone which saw the company become the second in the world to be permitted by the California Public Utilities Commission to operate a RoboTaxi pilot program, the company launching their service xTaxi immediately thereafter.

The two companies believe that the partnership will initiate an immediate intensification of activity, as rigorous testing of the technology integrated in NEVS vehicles will start in the third quarter of 2019. Slightly more than a year later, the collaboration intends to hit public roads in Europe, in conjunction with a pilot launch of NEVS’ upcoming driverless vehicle platform. The partnership’s ultimate goal is apparently to deploy a large fleet of robotaxi’s across the globe.