It’s here! Connected Car mag’s CES 2019 review

Connected Car always travels to CES, and 2019 was no exception. This year we did things a little differently. We partnered with @Conjure, one of the UK’s most exciting HMI, virtualised production and connected app developers. Thanks very much to Chris Tingley, Conjure’s Chief Technology Officer (@fringley – for volunteering to be the man in front of the camera. Chris kept his notebook handy (we know – very old tech!) as he walked around the show, and then delivered us his thoughts on announcements, developments and trends at this year’s CES.

Observations included less noise about voice assistants this year, and more about emotive monitoring inside the car – it’s not just walls that have ears (and eyes) these days. Then we saw how Hall 4, which, over the last few years has evolved to become a 100% automotive hall, is morphing still further to include other types of transport. It’s not just pod-type things but also mega-yachts and flying cars – and something from Bell that looks like a cross between a helicopter, a flying car and an urban assault vehicle. It’s called the Nexus, and you can see that and hear all the rest of Chris’s  thoughts in the video you can watch here.