Preview: Jaguar Land Rover demos fully autonomous driving with UK Autodrive

Connected Car magazine had an interesting afternoon with UK Autodrive plus its partners Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors European Technical Centre. This was the latest chapter in a story that has been running for a some time, and during March 2018 the group pitched camp at a location in Milton Keynes in the centre of the U.K.. This is a new-ish city that has always been famous for its US-style grid pattern streets, and its many, many roundabouts.

The idea was to demonstrate several levels of V2X technology, but also fully autonomous driving. There will be a full story of the day’s experiences in the next issue of Connected Car, but here’s a short preview video in which Vince Holton sits in on an autonomous driving demo hosted by Jaguar Land Rover. The car is a Range Rover Sport development vehicle that is equipped to demonstrate Level 4 autonomous driving.