Exploding the 5G myth

Is 5G more myth than reality? Former Ofcom director Professor William Webb tells it like it is.

Epic Games/Unreal Engine

Epic's Unreal Engine is a complete suite of development tools that are now being used by car companies around the world to deliver high-fidelity AR and VR experiences in the car.

Connected Car/Conjure: Meeting with what3words

How to make global navigation easier by giving every planet 9 metre squares with individual three word names.

Review: InControl Touch Pro Duo in the 2018 Range Rover Sport

Jaguar Land Rover adds Velar-style dual displays to the Range Rover Sport

Exploring the concept of the OEM in-house forum

Connected Car attends an in-house forum at Nissan, staged by Motiv8 Forums

It’s here! Connected Car mag’s CES 2019 review

Connected Car partners with Conjure on announcements, developments and trends at CES 2019

Conjure: Interfacing the future

Connected Car magazine was invited to be media partner at UI/UX specialist Conjure's event in London: Interfacing the future.

Connected Car: The road to autonomy with Audi

Connected Car reviews the technology suite in Audi's A8, and laments the fact that UK legislation prevents us from experiencing Level 3 autonmous driving.

Preview: Jaguar Land Rover demos fully autonomous driving with UK Autodrive

A short preview video in which Vince Holton of Connected Car sits in on an autonomous driving demo from Jaguar Land Rover as part of UK Autodrive.