CES 2018 video reports: Torc Robotics

In Las Vegas, Torch showcased it's Asimov self-driving car system, and announced a partnership with AAA to develop safety criteria for self-driving cars.

CES 2018 video reports: Autoliv

Autoliv works in active safety systems and at CES was showing it's LIV system - that's Learning Intelligent Vehicle.

CES 2018 video reports: Conjure/Irdeto

Conjure, which specialises in designing sophisticated user interfaces, has formed a partnership with security specialist Irdeto to manage usage and access of vehicles.

CES 2018 video reports: Ericsson

Ericsson talks us through it's roadmap for connected car, smart cities, IoT and 5G.

CES 2018 video reports: Qualcomm

Qualcomm showed a Cadillac Escalade fitted with multiple Snapdragon processors, driving a multi-screen display.

CES 2018 video reports: BlackBerry QNX

BlackBerry QNX demo's its converged cockpit controller and discusses security within the car.

CES 2018 video reports: Intel

Intel shows a physical demo of how vehicles in 2021 will utilise sensor hardware technology

CES 2018 video reports: Toyota e-Palette

Toyota's e-Palette platform, and the e-Palette Alliance are intended to be Toyota's route to future success.

CES 2018 video reports: Aptiv

Connected Car spoke with Aptiv about it's large-scale display of autonomous driving on the streets of Las Vegas